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President Declaration
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We care about our customers. Neolpharma is a Pharmaceutical Organization that for over 40 years has grown with the goal to improve and surpass customer satisfaction expectations. We face a world with more demanding regulation and fierce competition that demands flexible and competitive solutions. We are resolute to face and overcome those challenges. Our vision is to be competitive in the global environment delivering health benefits through products with the best quality, service and cost balance.

Our objective is to find answers for your pharmaceutical manufacturing needs providing the best technology, know-how and prepared professionals within an organization that focuses on long term solutions. For that we emphasize the importance of innovation and improvement along our organization and processes. Also, Neolpharma has an ongoing investment strategy for research and development, technology transfer, manufacturing and quality operations capacities. Our perspective is that these elements combined will maximize results and enable us to deliver what we commit to.

We offer a partnership for your company to improve operations and results. We know that what we do best is find out ways that will let you achieve your goals.

We hope to have a chance to offer you our solutions and work together soon.


Lic. Efrén Ocampo


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