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Production Processes

We have production processes that ensure total quality supported by excellent customer service. Furthermore, and based on our installed capacity, we can easily adjust to the needs of our customers and thus be part of their success. The production processes in which we have several decades of experience are:

  • Wet and dry granulation
  • Fluidized bed granulation and drying (FBD)
  • Tray drying
  • Liquid product formulation
  • Tableting and capsule filling
  • Manufacturing of beads
  • Encapsulation and coating of active and inactive ingredient tablets
  • Products requiring high concentration
  • Production of a variety of high- and low-volume specialty products
  • Extended release technology
  • Compaction and grinding
  • Manufacturing and packaging of a large number of products in a wide range of strengths with a multiplicity of "SKUs"




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